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Why EB Systems?

Los Angeles-Designed Fashion Industry Software

EB Apparel from EB Computers Inc. is a fashion industry software designed right here in Los Angeles. Our unique EB Apparel System integrates pre-production and production systems to boost productivity, accelerate information, and increase profitability for businesses across the industry.

Apparel companies today demand more from their computer systems than ever before. With buyers demanding lower prices and faster order fulfillment, choosing the right software is essential for a company's long-term survival. To ensure maximum profitability, cost sheets must have detailed pricing that accurately reflects sample and production costs. To reduce expensive data entry errors, computer systems need to feed data to other parts of the system with simple links. Owners need a complete reporting system to keep business running smoothly and end users need easy and quick access to data and reports. You can meet all these demands and more with the EB Apparel System, a network-based system built in the user-friendly Lotus Approach.

Our Apparel Manufacturing Software

With EB Apparel manufacturing software, you get an intuitive system that offers maximum flexibility and harnesses the full power of computer technologies and human resources. The system starts with the pre-production process and feeds this information directly to the production side such as orders, pick tickets, and invoicing. You can also use the software to quickly and easily access reports and generate your own labels, line sheets, and hang tags.

The EB Apparel System can be deployed on a central Windows Server 2012R2 with workstations, or on a peer-to-peer network. It is compatible with numerous laser and dot matrix printers, meaning you don't have to purchase any expensive new hardware to deploy the system.

Best of all, the EB Apparel System has a low total cost of ownership. It’s hardware flexibility and easy roll out minimizes transition time between installation and operation, allowing your employees to get to work quickly and efficiently. It also allows your staff to maintain, alter, or customize the system to meet your company’s specific needs.

More Companies are Turning to Windows-Based Server Solutions.

The EB Apparel System is deployed on proven network technology. Designed for use on Windows servers and workstations, the system can be accessed through a local area network (LAN), wide-area network (WAN), or the Internet. Windows networking (WNet) technology is used by companies of various sizes and can easily accommodate your company's needs. The EB Apparel System also functions with Remote Desktop so you can maintain easy access from anywhere in the world.

Save time and money with our EB Apparel System. Get in touch today to learn about purchasing.