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Why EB Systems?

Fact Sheet EB Apparel System Features


  • Single Cost Sheet with Trim, Send Outs, Marker, Labor, Miscellaneous, and Pricing Information
  • Detailed Marker that Filters to Other Parts of the System with Flexible Size Scale
  • Pattern Card with Graphic that links to Cost Sheet, Marker, and Spec Sheet
  • Spec Sheet that Calculates Measurements Based on Pattern Card
  • Style Master that Summarizes Garment Costs and Includes Color Combinations for Easy Reference
  • Line Sheet Generated from Cost Sheets with Most Current Information
  • Hang Tags with Sketch for Sample Garments
  • Costing Report with Flexible Search Capabilities
  • Other Reports on the Various Pre-Production Stages


  • Pre-Production Automatically Feeds Data to the Production side
  • Orders based on Cost Sheet with Distro Capabilities
  • Cut Ticket with Cost Sheet Graphic Based on Order Entry
  • Sewing Contract Derived from Cut Ticket
  • WIP Reports that Show Garment in Different Stages of Production
  • Pick Tickets Automatically Filled In Based on Cut Number
  • Invoices Pull Pick Ticket Data to Ensure Accuracy and Efficiency
  • Open To Sell Inventory Automatically Calculated with Manual Adjustments
  • Fabric Report that Allows Just In Time Production Cycle

System Architecture:

  • Deploys on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP desktops
  • Maximized for Windows NT Server Operating System but also operates on Novell Servers
  • Uses Laser Printers for Reports and Print Outs
  • Print Care Labels, Pick Tickets, Invoices, and Credit Memos on most Wide Carriage Dot Matrix Printer
  • Pc Anywhere or Remote Desktop Compatible for high speed remote access
System Security:
  • Allows you to have module based passwords
  • Set databases or screens to read-only
  • We can customize the product for your company’s specific needs
  • Your IT Staff can build their own custom modules