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Why EB Systems?

How It Works

The EB Apparel System is a relational database system that reduces the amount of redundant data entry while instanteously associating large blocks of data with a single key. The system starts with a cost sheet and adds information from the marker, pattern card, and spec sheet.

Once the production cost sheet and style master are created, the rest of the system uses this information to enter orders. The orders feed information to the cutting and WIP modules. Once the finished product is received, you can issue a pick ticket which passes information to the invoice.

How It Works

The ease of moving data means you can fulfill orders faster, track the garment production stages, and accurately issue invoices once the order has been picked. By using simple keys to pull information from other modules, you reduce the amount of data entry mistakes and time necessary to complete each stage.

The faster an invoice is issued, the sooner you can collect on the completed order.