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Why EB Systems?


How the Cutting Tickets Improve Your Business...

  • Different Options to Meet Different C ustomer Needs
  • Easy to Use and Understand
  • Automatic C alculations
  • Power to Duplicate Lines or Orders
  • Information C arries to Other Parts of the System

Improve Profitability Through Better Analysis

The EB C utting System provides up-to-date information on available materials and past production. The ability to generate criteria specific reports enables your company to accurately and quickly assess your current production needs and future materials shortages. It will eliminate the guesswork if an order can be completed on time with enough material. The reports available also offer detailed information so you can make the most accurate analysis possible.


Cutting Data Automated Flow

The cutting information automatically moves through the system by just entering the correct cut number. No need to enter information twice or waste time checking the calculations. The EB C utting System does it all with virtually no user effort. Not only does this increase efficiency, it reduces the amount of mistakes made.