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The Customer Module

The EB C utting System also offers different modules to keep track of your important information on customers, vendors, and employees. This will save you lots of time because all the information is centralized in one location. Whether you need to call a sick employee or fax an important document to a customer, you can look it up in seconds

The Customer Module keeps both billing and shipping information. In addition, the relevant information gets carried to cutting orders, invoices, and other parts of the system. This helps ensure the correct information is put on all documents without the user having to re-input data.

The Customer Module

The Employee Module keeps track of employee information, emergency contacts, and wages. Having all of the information in an easy-to-access interface is important because it allows you to quickly find the relevant information. It also has reports on wages and emergency contacts which managers can use when necessary.

The Purchase Order Module keeps track of your vendors and generates purchase orders. Like all modules, once the vendor information is entered, it can automatically bring the billing information to the purchase order just by selecting the vendor name. This ensures the correct address and shipping information are put on the purchase order. The module also generates reports on each purchase order issued and your vendor list.

The Purchase Order Module