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Why EB Systems?


The Basic Cutting Ticket

The EB C utting Systems offers three kinds of cutting tickets. This allows maximum flexibility to fit the company’s work flow. The user interface is simple to use and allows the user to find or sort on any field. It also gives the user the power to duplicate cutting lines or complete orders. Each of the cutting tickets are easy to read and understand which lowers the possibility of making an error.

The Basic Cutting Ticket automatically deducts from the company’s inventory, allows for damaged pieces, customer returns, short yardage, remnants, calculates the units cut, and user-selected sizes.

The Combination Cutting Ticket

The Combination Cutting Ticket combines the Self and C ontrast on one cutting ticket. It sorts it by self, contrast, and color. This saves time because it has the complete information on the ticket for each garment produced.

In addition to the Basic C utting Ticket, the Color Separation Cutting Ticket allows for up to eight different colors and separates the data by color. This reduces the chances of incorrect calculations because it will be separated by color.

Color Separation Cutting Ticket