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Why EB Systems?

Pre-Production Apparel Business Software from Los Angeles

The EB Pre-Production System from EB Computers Inc. in Los Angeles is a complete apparel business software for pre-production design, costing, samples, and sales.

Our EB Pre-Production software contains a variety of functions and reports that will enable your company to save time and money through increased productivity and elimination of costly mistakes. The system seamlessly integrates the cost sheet, marker, pattern card, spec sheet, and style master into an efficient workflow cycle that combines text and graphics.

EB Pre-Production is Easy to Use and Deploy Because:

  • It works in Windows 7/8.1/10.
  • It was designed with Lotus Approach and features a graphic user interface.
  • There are different ways to accomplish tasks to suit different user skill levels.
  • Maintenance and support can be handled internally.
  • It can be deployed on a network server or a peer-to-peer network for multiple users.
  • It has the power to duplicate records or specific lines.

Save Time and Money by:

  • Eliminating repetitive steps in the work process with relational database technology.
  • Running reports based on multiple user-defined criteria.
  • Utilizing a single cost sheet for all cost information.
  • Reducing repetitiveness of information entering with data transfer from screen to screen.
  • Generating a graphic sketch on all major screens for visual reinforcement to eliminate mistakes.

Fabric and Fashion Inventory Management Software

EB Computers Inc. delivers industry-leading fabric and fashion inventory management software through our EB Pre-Production System. This program includes:

  • Fabric information for samples and production.
  • Single cost sheet with trim, send-outs, marker, labor, miscellaneous, and pricing information.
  • Detailed marker that filters to other parts of the system with flexible size range.
  • Pattern card with graphic that links to the cost sheet, marker, and spec sheet.
  • Spec sheet that calculates measurements based on pattern card.
  • Style master with summarized costs and color combinations for easy reference.
  • Line sheet generated from cost sheets with most current information.
  • Hang tags with sketch for sample garments.
  • Costing report with flexible search capabilities.
  • Other reports on the various pre-production stages.

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