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Cost Sheet

Cost Sheet

The EB Pre-Production System cost sheet offers a simple, one-page document that contains the most important details on the garment's cost and bill of materials. It also contains a sketch of the garment that will filter to the other parts of the system. After you associate a marker to a cost sheet, all the other cost information can be entered and updated on a single screen. The EB Pre-Production System also allows you to play with your mark up percentage for your final cost as well as automatically calculating the various costs of the garment.

Trim and miscellaneous pieces on the garment can be entered on the cost sheet. The system will hold up to eight different items and automatically builds a list of piece categories as you add them to the system. This saves you time because you don't have to keep re-entering the same data over and over. Each piece can also be computed by Each, Yard, Dozen, or Gross and the system will automatically calculate the Total C ost based on partial quantities so you don't have to waste your time.

Send outs are also entered on the cost sheet and the system can accommodate up to three send outs. You can enter up to 100 characters per send out description and each one can have its own cost.

Labor costing can be entered as a single cost or up to 13 lines of individual items, depending on your company's needs. You can enter a combination of a single flat labor cost and individual operations on each garment. The EB Pre- Production System is designed to give you the maximum amount of flexibility.

Miscellaneous costing is available for each garment on the cost sheet. It allows you to enter cutting, payroll, truck, bag/hang, marking, and grading costs. The EB Pre-Production System will automatically sum the miscellaneous costs into a single cost in the Summary C osting Panel.

The Summary Costing Panel gives you a quick overview of the total cost of the garment. It summarizes the fabric, send out, labor, and miscellanous costs and allows you to enter the mark up percentage to automatically generate a line price. Or you can enter a straight line price and find out the percentage mark up. The EB Pre-Production System also gives you a guideline of mark up percentages to assist you in determining the correct percentage and price.

The marker detail is entered on a separate screen, but is easily attached to the cost sheet with a single marker number. Once you have attached a marker to the cost sheet, all the information will follow to the cost sheet screen. The system allows you to remove individual material costs from the marker to adjust your final cost.