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Why EB Systems?

Line Sheet Reports

The pre-production reports

The EB Pre-Production System contains a variety of reports to assist your company during the pre-production work cycle and to update your sales force with the most current costing information. All of these reports can use multiple search criteria to ensure that you have the specific information to help your company and not waste time sorting through useless data. These reports can be run at anytime so they serve as a valuable and up-to-date reference source.

The pre-production reports are there to reduce the user's need to constantly search the system for data because they can either have a print out of the information or an easily searchable screen with the data. The reports available in the EB Pre-Production System are Pattern List, Marker List, Marker Line Items, and Cost Sheet List. You can reference the reports for a variety of tasks such as determining what has been produced for a specific time period or what cost sheets use certain markers or pattern cards. The reports will list all records in the system or the specific information that you determine; all of this improves your analytical capabilities.

The sales reports

The sales reports are available to your sales force to provide them with the information needed for sample sales and client orders. The EB Pre-Production System has a Costing Report, Styles List, and Style Line Report available for use. The C osting Report gives you the basic garment information along with the fabric, trim, labor, total cost, and line price.

The Styles List gives you a brief summary of the associated marker and pattern card as well as the style reference number. The Style Line is a short report similar to a line sheet that contains basic information along with the garment sketch. Just like the other reports in the EB Pre-Production System, you determine the necessary report parameters. With all of this information available to your sales force, there should be no complaints about not being able to respond to customers in a timely fashion with accurate information.