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Marker & Pattern Card

Marker & Pattern Card

The EB Pre-Production System offers a detailed marker that can be attached to either single or multiple cost sheets. The system allows you to use a preset size scale or create your own, whatever is necessary to meet your needs. The marker also has many different types of fabric pieces such as Self, C ontrast, Lining, Fusing, and Spaghetti with their own specific yield.

When you enter the marker, just enter the type of fabric, fabric type, number of pieces, yards, and inches and the system will automatically compute your yield. Once your marker has been completed, you can associate it to a cost sheet and add a pattern card to the marker which will then filter data throughout the system.

Marker & Pattern Card

In addition to the marker, the EB Pre-Production System has a flexible pattern card that will be attached to the marker. Once this relationship has been established and the marker linked to the cost sheet, all the information will flow together. The sketch from the cost sheet will instantly appear on the pattern card along with all the other related data from the cost sheet and marker.

The pattern card allows you to enter up to 30 pieces along with the placement information and quantity. The EB Pre- Production System's grading on the pattern card is set up to automatically remember the previous grading if the division, customer, size range, and garment type are the same. This helps reduce the amount of data entry because you can re-use the same grading rules for similar garments.