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Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet

The EB Pre-Production System has a spec sheet tied to the different parts of the system. Once you complete the grading on the pattern card, the system will automatically calculate the measurements after you enter the base size. The spec sheet also contains detailed sewing instructions along with care instructions and trim placement.

Just like the other parts of the system, it will carry data to the related screens when the links are completed. The spec sheet also contains the sketch from the cost sheet to help reduce mistakes through visual re-enforcement of the garment type.

Trim placement is derived from the Trim/Miscellaneous entries on the cost sheet. Once they have been entered on the cost sheet, it will automatically carry to the spec sheet where you can enter the placement information. The system allows up to five different sizes for placement.

Measurements are automatically calculated from the information on the grading in the pattern card and the base size. This saves you time because you only need to enter one size and the rest of the sizes are computed error-free by the system. No more mistakes by a careless data entry staff.

Special instructions, care label, and pressing instructions are also on the spec sheet to give you additional fields if needed. These fields are not necessary but give you the ability to have the information available for production or for contractors.

The sewing instructions on the spec sheet allow for needle type, stiches/inch, thread, seam allow, top stitch, hem, sleeve/hem, overlock, button hole, buttons, and sewing notes. The numerous fields allow the system to fit your company's workflow and the amount of detail needed for production. These instructions will automatically filter to the pattern card to help you save time because there is no need for redundant data entry.